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Assessing the Current State of Media Pluralism in the Philippines

Media pluralism, characterized by a diverse and vibrant media landscape, is a fundamental component of a thriving democracy. 

The media landscape of the Philippines is characterized by a mix of traditional and emerging media, including television, radio, print, and an ever-expanding digital space. While there is a semblance of diversity, challenges related to media ownership concentration persist, with a few families and conglomerates dominating major outlets. This concentration raises concerns about biased reporting, limited perspectives, and the potential manipulation of public opinion.

The pursuit of media pluralism is not merely an aspiration but a crucial necessity in safeguarding democratic values, fostering informed citizenry, and promoting a rich tapestry of voices.

State policies and the way media are owned, controlled, and managed affect the capacity of media to serve the democratic imperative of providing fair, relevant, and reliable information for an informed and engaged citizenry.

Twelve indicators of Risks to Media Pluralism aim to run a diagnostic on the health of the media sector in the Philippines by assessing three dimensions: economic, legal and political. How concentrated is the media market both horizontally (in each sector) and vertically (across sectors) in the Philippines? What are the greatest risks to Media Pluralism? Do the Media in the Philippines provide space for public debate that includes all voices, all viewpoints including those that are critical of people in power? 

Indicators of Risks to Media Pluralism
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