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DZRH 666

DZRH is the flagship radio station of the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) and the longest running AM radio station in the Philippines.

DZRH started out as KZRH in 1939. It call sign started with letter K, like radio stations in the U.S. West Coast. RH stands for Radio Heacock, after H. E. Heacock, an American jewelry dealer and original owner of H.E. Heacock Company, the largest chain of department stores in the Pacific Rim.

At the time KZRH started broadcasting, H. E. Heacock Company was already owned by Samuel Gaches, a Stanford graduate who came to Manila in 1900. In 1939, KZRH was the fourth commercial radio station to operate in Manila.

Then under the management of Bertrand Silen, KZRH aired musical variety shows, comedy skits and short newscasts. KZRH found itself as an advertising medium: Apart from 15­minute blocktime sold to advertisers, commercial spots mixing announcements with music were also produced.

Two years later, in 1941, KZRH opened a sister in Cebu City: DYRC.

During World War II, the Japanese Imperial Army took over the radio station and used it as a propaganda outlet. It was through KZKH that the Japanese announced the surrender of U.S. and Philippine soldiers. 

In 1942, it aired the ” Voice of Freedom,” announcing the fall of Bataan. That broadcast became called a classic in radio journalism, after then radio anchor Norman Reyes announced, “Bataan has fallen… But the spirit that made it stand, a beacon to all liberty-loving people of the world, cannot fall.”

At the end of World War II, Silen sought the help of National Broadcasting Company in New York to secure new transmitters. The Elizalde family, meanwhile, was asked to finance the new operations. Ambassador Joaquin Miguel Elizalde and his brother, Manuel, named the network Manila Broadcasting Company.

In 1949, after the Philippines' independence from US, KZRH became the first radio station to simulcast nationwide, in AM and short wave frequencies. In the same year, the letter K was replaced with the letter D in accordance with a Switzerland Radio Commission policy assigning the letter to Philippine radio stations, giving birth to what is now known as DZRH.

MBC's congressional franchise to operate and own radio and TV stations in the country for a period of 25 years was granted in 1994. In 1996, under the “One Nation, One Vision” initiative of its current Chairman, Fred J. Elizalde, DZRH expanded its network to cover as much as 97 percent of the entire country. The station currently airs it broadcast simultaneously via satellite and through its 18 relay stations strategically located throughout the country. 

Its programs are also accessible online through In 2008, DZRH ventured into television to expand its listenership and viewership, and aired its first 24-hour broadcast over Dream (Channel 10) and and Cablelink (Channel 9). RHTV is accessible nationwide via its provincial cable operators and at Cignal TV (Channel 18) and Cable link Metro Manila (Channel 3).

The Elizalde family currently owns more than 60 percent of the shares of MBC, through Elizalde Holdings Corporation.

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Manila Broadcasting Company


Ownership Structure

DZRH 666 is an AM radio station owned by the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC). MBC's parent company, Elizalde Holdings Corporation, is owned by the Elizalde family. MBC's other stockholders include Elizalde Land, Inc., Cebu Broadcasting Company and Sunshine Inns.-- all of which are corporations also owned by the Elizaldes.

Group / Individual Owner

Elizalde Holdings Corporation

Elizalde Holdings Corporation has 20 subsidiaries, collectively referred to as the FJE Group of Companies. These are: Cebu Broadcasting Company, Philippine Broadcasting Corporation, Pacific Broadcasting Systems, Inc., Philippine International Corporation, Sunshine Inns, Incorporated, Elizalde Land, Incorporated, San Dimas Realty, Brickman Realty, Northern Capiz-Agro Industrial Development Corporation, Ocean Hatcheries, Incorporated, M. Catigbac Salas, Incorporated, Flumet Corporation, Ride's R' Us, Funtinka Asia, Incorporated, Zillionfun Corporation, Prime Music Corporation, Manila Broadcasting Company, Star Parks Corporation, Thrills, Incorporated, and Rydes and Games, Incorporated.

Media Companies / Groups

General Information

Founding Year

1939, as KZRH


Samuel Gaches

Affiliated Interests Founder

Samuel Gaches, a Stanford graduate who came to Manila in 1900, bought H. E. Heacock Company, from H.E. Heacock in 1909. The company sold jewelry, particularly watches, collar and cuff buttons for men, as well as other general merchandise.


Fred J. Elizalde

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Aside from being a Director/Chairman of MBC since 1985, Fred J. Elizalde is also the Chairman/President of Philippine International Corporation (Philcite), Star Parks Corporation (Star City), Elizalde Holdings Corporation (EHC) and Northern Capiz Agro-Industrial Development Corporation (Norcaic). He has also served as past Chairman/President of Asean Section, Asean-U.S. Business Council, Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Confederation of Asian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, etc. In 2005, he was appointed as member of the Boracay Eminent Persons Group.

EHC has 20 subsidiaries, collectively referred to as the FJE Group of Companies. Aside from EHC, he is also the Pesident of Gatlin Elizalde Corporation.


Rita Salonga, Editor-in-Chief # Rudolph Steve Jularbal, Station Manager

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

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Other Important People

Ruperto S. Nicdao, Jr., President

Affiliated Interests other important people

Nicdao has been serving as one of MBC's directors since 1988. He also serves as Director of Philcite, Star City, EHC and Cultural Center of the Philippines. He is the Chairman of KBP and a member of the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Makati Business Club. He is also a stockholder at JM Elizalde Holdings Corporation and TGE Holdings Corporation.


MBC Bldg., V. Sotto St., CCPComplex, Pasay City Telephone Number: +632-832-6149 to 50

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Manila Broadcasting Company is a publicly listed company and is required by law to disclose everything
Audience share from Nielsen's Radio Audience Measurement (Jan.-June 2016)


Manila Broadcasting Company's Annual Report (2015)

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