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SunStar Davao

Towards the end of the Marcos dictatorship, Elpidio G. Damaso came out with Peryodiko Dabaw, a bi-weekly newspaper to serve as an alternative press in Davao City. A year later, it was coming out five times a week.

On September 7, 1987, the community newspaper, with new investors, was relaunched using desktop publishing while its competitors still used letterpress.

Today, it is known as Sunstar Davao, an English-language community newspaper still serving the now progressive city, but as part of the Sunstar network of newspapers.

It took on its new identity in 1995 when Sunstar Cebu, under the leadership and vision of Atty. Jesus B. Garcia started his mission to set up a network of community newspapers in the country, and tapped Peryodiko Dabaw, owing to its strong presence in the area.

It would again distinguish itself by becoming the first community paper available online, way before the SunStar News Network (Sunnex) was established and ahead of its affiliates across the country.

While readership of newspapers in national circulation has dwindled, Sunstar Davao remains steady enough to rank second among leading regional newspapers in Mindanao with an audience measurement of 0.18%, based on Nielsen’s 2023 Quarter 2 Philippine Media Landscape Report.

Sunstar Davao is now owned and operated by SunsStar Publishing Inc., with Armson Corporation, the holding company owned by the elite Garcia clan in Cebu with a 30 percent stake, as its biggest stockholder.


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SunStar Publishing, Inc.


Ownership Structure

SunStar Davao is owned and operated by SunStar Publishing, Inc., which is majority owned by the Garcia clan of Cebu with total combined shares of 70% which they hold through their 30% shares held by their family’s holding company, Armson Corporation and the remaining 40% shares distributed among other family members.

Armson Corporation is wholly owned by the wife and children of Jesus B. Garcia Jr., the founder and former chairman of SunStar. His wife, Armi, owns 0.003% shares while their children — Marie Kalinaw G. Evans, Michelle Himaya G. Shlachter, Gahum Vincent L. Garcia, and Bayani Jess L. Garcia — each have a 24.99% stake.

Meanwhile, the Gaisano family indirectly owns 23.2912% of SunStar through their 77.6632% stake in the wholesale and retail trade business, White Gold, Inc. Six members of the Gaisanos are listed as shareholders of SunStar, but with 0% in total shares due to their meager PhP1,000 paid-up capital (around US$17.99 as of 2023). Joseph Davidson C. Gaisano Jr. sits on the board of directors of SunStar Publishing as treasurer.

Meanwhile, two other companies — One Italasia Group Corporation and Edgewater Global Holdings, Inc. — indirectly own SunStar Publishing, Inc. through their stakes in the White Gold, Inc. One Italasia Group Corporation and Edgewater Global Holdings, Inc. each indirectly own 3.3487% in SunStar because they each own 11.166% shares in White Gold, Inc.

The individual owners and officers of One Italasia Group Corporation and Edgewater Global Holdings, Inc. were not identified.

However, the general information sheet of White Gold, Inc. stated that the offices of two companies are located in Gaisano Mall Building in Bajada, Davao City. One Italasia Group Corporation is on the 4th floor, while Edgewater Global Holdings, Inc. is on the 5th floor.

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The Gaisano Family

The Gaisano family owns 77.6632% combined shares in White Gold, Inc., their wholesale and retail trade business, which has a 29.99% stake in SunStar Publishing. The Gaisano clan also owns the Gaisano Grand Malls in Visayas and Mindanao.

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General Information

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Affiliated Interests Founder

Elpidio G. Damaso

founded SunStar Davao (formerly Peryodiko Dabaw) during the twilight days of the Marcos dictatorship.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Gahum Vincent Garcia

is the President of SunStar Publishing Inc.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Reuel John F. Lumawag

is the Editor-in-Chief of SunStar Davao.

Affiliated Interests other important people

Gina G. Atienza

is the Chairman of SunStar Publishing Inc.


Office Address: SunStar Building, P. del Rosario St., Cebu City

Telephone Number: (032) 254-6100 ; 2541478



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1,859,340 Mil US$ / 102,961,126 Mil PhP

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