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Elmer and Yelcy Catulpos

Elmer and Yelcy Catulpos

Elmer V. Catulpos and Yelcy Y. Catulpos (husband and wife) together own the majority shares in the media conglomerate Brigada News Philippines which operates a variety of media outlets across all platforms (TV, Print, Online, Radio).

Founding History 

To overcome poverty, Elmer Catulpos worked in several different professions (insurance agent, multi-level marketer, contractual radio news reporter, and even treasure hunter). With  a borrowed capital of PhP1,000 (around US$17 in 2005), he would later found a media conglomerate now known as Brigada News Philippines.

Before Brigada the tabloid was officially launched, Catulpos put together a two-page flyer of entertainment stories, health tips, and lotto tips which he sold for PhP5 (around US$0.088) a copy. Amid accusations that he was promoting illegal gambling using a sham publication, he registered the business and the Brigada News tabloid was born.

Brigada Mass Media Corporation expanded with local TV and national radio stations. Catulpos would later venture into other industries such as pharmaceuticals, construction, security services, and leisure to eventually build the Brigada Group of Companies.

Additionally, Catulpos and his wife, Yelcy, are the majority owners of the Manila-based Baycomms Broadcasting Corporation which the couple acquired in 2013. Baycomms holds the franchise of Brigada’s FM radio stations. It is this same franchise that is used by Media Serbisyo Production (a joint venture between Prime Media Holdings, Inc. and ABS-CBN) to broadcast DWPM Teleradyo Serbisyo 630, via airtime lease. Teleradyo was the former ABS-CBN’s flagship AM station, before the network lost its franchise.

Meanwhile, Yelcy serves as the executive vice president of Brigada Group of Companies and occupies key roles within their business group. She is the president of Brigada Healthline Corp.; a director, chief financial officer and corporate secretary of Brigada Mass Media Corporation; and, director, chief financial officer and corporate secretary of Baycomms Broadcasting Corporation.

Outside of their business, Yelcy previously served as president of Rotary District 3860 in Mindanao from 2020 to 2021. 

Political engagements

In 2022, Elmer Catulpos ran for the mayoralty post of General Santos City under the Achievement with Integrity Movement (AIM) party, founded by the Antonino clan of South Cotabato. Despite owning several media outlets to help with his campaign, Catulpos lost to Lorelie Pacquiao, sister-in-law of world boxing champ, Manny Pacquiao.

Catulpos also served as president of the General Santos City Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2018.

Media Companies / Groups
Media Outlets



Brigada Healthline Corp.


Brigada Hospitality Group


Build Dreams Construction, Inc.


Secret Eye Protective Service, Inc.


Brigada Distributions, Inc.


Brigada 1Tahanan

Family & Friends

Affiliated Interests Family Members Friends

Froebel Kan M. Balleque

Member of the Board and stockholder of Brigada Mass Media Corporation, incumbent City Councilor and member of Sangguniang Panlungsod of General Santos City and affiliated with the Achievement with Integrity Movement (AIM) party, the political party that also supported Elmer V. Catulpos’ mayoralty candidacy in 2022.

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Baycomms Broadcasting Corporation does not have an official website that details its profile. The acquisition of the company by Brigada Mass Media Corporation was derived from a news report from the online platform of Brigada News Philippines

End-of-period conversion rate in December 2005: PhP56.267 per US$1.

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