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The Sison Family

The Sison Family

Husband and wife Rainier and Leonida Sison entered the publishing business through weekly entertainment magazines Bulgar and Chism in 1990.

In 1991, they finally registered Sison’s Publishing House, Inc., and focused on making Bulgar the most popular Filipino-language tabloid in the country. With its sensational stories and attention-grabbing headlines, the tabloid gained “unprecedented popularity” in 1996, and later even reached a daily circulation of 600,000.

Rainier passed away in 2020 but the couple’s vision for Bulgar to be known as a credible source of top stories and entertainment news has long been fulfilled.

Sison’s Publishing House, Inc. remains with the Sison family, with matriarch Leonida as majority shareholder owning 79% shares and sitting as President and Chairman of the Board. Bulgar’s publisher is her son, Maxim Ryan, with a 15% stake in the company and serves as the board’s vice president. Mother-and-son are both columnists of the paper.

The remaining 6% shares are equally distributed to Maria Michelle Racquel Sison-Tolentino, their daughter, and Maxim’s son, Ryan Malcolm Ethan Y. Sison.

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